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Why Much Marketing?

If you’re in the market for a new search or digital agency, you’ll almost certainly be comparing us with several others. The choice you make is critical to the success of your business.

Here’s what sets us apart from the rest:

Consulting and Implementation

Our process is never finished with just the recommendation report and/or consulting that we offer. We actively work to implement these recommendations. This includes implementing new technology, recruiting and training any necessary personnel and following up with marketing team at pre-determined intervals once it is running independently. Much Marketing is part of your company’s restructuring from the initial process through to the research and optimization stages. Given the dynamic nature of businesses, we never feel like our work is every truly complete and we’ll be with you whenever you need us.


Online marketing is what we do, and that’s all we do.
Ask around and you’ll find that very few agencies can say they have been doing search marketing for over a dozen years. Much Marketing is one of the most experienced brands in the business and over the years, we’ve built up a wealth of expertise on our clients’ behalf.
We pride ourselves on our results-focused approach. Our impressive client list is a testament to the results we offer.

A Localized Touch
Our staff are all local online marketing experts as opposed to expats still acclimatizing to the country’s unique business environment. Our team members know their respective country’s markets inside and out, we can give clients instant access to a wealth of regional expertise. This includes (among other things), managing PPC and SEO campaigns across multiple different languages. Understanding cultural nuances is key to a successful marketing campaign.

Specialists Expertise Leads to Strategies That WORK!

The search and digital marketing sector is highly dynamic and it is developing rapidly. If you turn your back for just a few weeks, a dozen changes will pass you by. These changes can be vital to the success of your business and it’s crucial to keep a finger on the pulse at all times!

The importance of having an industry specialist is essential! Much Marketing employs specialists from a variety of sectors, all with rich backgrounds and extensive relevant experience. Only those who have are truly specialized in their field can respond to the realities of our clients’ businesses.

In order to ensure consistent quality delivery, we employ leading experts in the digital marketing area to constantly monitor and adjust the strategies we use to fit with the changes in the industry. We also employ technical, operation and client services teams that are always up to speed on the latest changes in each industry we service.

Much Marketing specializes specifically in cross-digital services including multi-channel campaigns for both acquisition and engagement.

We attribute our success to our senior management team of proven professionals who have built Much Marketing into a financially strong and secure company, services top international brands across a range of major industries and service sectors.

Looking for more information? Contact us today! We look forward to speaking with your further to discuss how Much Marketing’s expert team can help to maximize your company.

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