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Affiliate Marketing

We are great believers in success and success-driven marketing platforms. We will help you take care of initiating a full affiliate marketing program in your company. From setting up affiliate marketing teams, to recruiting and training relevant staff members to sales and operations process realization and optimization. Our team will start by defining the KPI’s and goals that are unique to your company. We’ll help you select and implement the relevant technology to create a fine-tuned and working marketing machine covering all of your online marketing needs. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions and to us, the job is never over. When you work with Much Marketing to implement affiliate marketing into your marketing strategy, you get a partner – not just a service.

How Affiliate Marketing Works:

First, let’s explain the two key players in affiliate marketing. A ‘merchant’ is an online retailer with a transactional website where once buy products or services. An ‘affiliate’ is an online publisher or partner with access to traffic.

Affiliates traditionally are website owners with access to online traffic. They send this traffic (via links or a variety of other methods) to your site on the basis that any sales generated from this traffic will earn them a predetermined commission. This rewards model is commonly referred to as Cost Per Action (CPA) or Cost Per Lead (CPL). This type of model is highly transparent and much more accountable than the older Cost Per Click (CPC) or CPM/CPV models (pay per impression/view).

As a merchant you can join a network, post your offer and be seen by millions of affiliate marketers who will be eager to sell your product. This incentive-based model allows for a true win-win situation in which you, as the marketer, is able to advertise with little to no risk as you only pay upon performance.

Here’s an example of how it works:

  1. A consumer visits an affiliate’s website (e.g., a shopping portal/directory).
  2. The customer selects a product or retailer and click on the link that takes him/her to the merchant’s site to review or purchase (this click-through stores a network cookie on their PC which allows the merchant to track the sale).
  3. The customer completes that sale online. Tracking software records the key purchase data (i.e., sale amount, IP address, date and time, etc, and reports this to an Affiliate Window (the platform which tracks the sale).
  4. The merchant is able to allow for a short grace period in which they can consider the sale complete (and check to make sure it is legitimate) and then pay any commissions due to the affiliate for sales generated.

Affiliate Tracking Software As a Service (SaaS)

Affiliate marketing accounts for 5%-20% of revenue for many of the world’s largest brands and continue to flourish even in when the economy slows down. Why? Because affiliate programs allow businesses to increase their exposure while only paying for real sales and leads.

As affiliate networks continue to expand, the need for powerful yet economical tracking technology increases exponentially. This is exactly where Much Marketing fits in. We provide complete affiliate marketing solutions from implementing your product on a state-of-the-art SaaS (software as a service) platform developed by world class engineers and designed by market experts who understand both merchant and affiliate needs for the best affiliate tracking solution available.

A complete API provides more flexibility than ever before and an intuitive UI simplifies the process and makes the entire affiliate process more attainable and manageable. Whether you work with thousands of affiliates and advertisers, provide affiliate management for clients or just want to bring affiliate tracking in-house, we offer a complete affiliate tracking software as a service complete with full localized support, implementation, API integration and relevant personnel hiring and training.

Let us help you to create your own affiliate program or network easily and cost-effectively.

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