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Building online brand presence is a process that requires patience and a long-term view. At Much Marketing, we know how to create the right marketing mix and build a professional and winning team.

Our experienced professionals will work with you to develop a media strategy, conduct media research, create a media plan and ultimately to launch and optimize your online ad campaign.
Media Buying
Online advertising is NOT just about banners… The world of Internet media is in constant flux. New and innovative interactive advertising options are constantly being introduced like geographical and behavioral-targeted advertising. Therefore, online media buying requires more knowledge due to these greater complexities. Launching a successful online advertising campaign only grows more challenging, not less so. Unlike in traditional media, due to fewer standards and consistencies in advertising opportunities, online ad campaigns often require the development of the media plan before the ad creative can even be formalized.

Our Online Media Planning & Buying Process

Planning Phases:

  • Discovery – The process begins with the Discovery phase, whereby we secure our client’s campaign objectives, any metrics they’re trying to accomplish, any restrictions or targeting we should be imposing, any sample  ad creative or landing pages, and any Creative Brief or supporting files that can help us in our efforts.
  • Strategy – Based on our findings during the Discovery phase, we will brainstorm together with you to develop media buying concepts to guide our media research. Once we have your approval for all of our concepts and decide which ones to pursue, we’ll develop a strategy for how to conduct the most effective online media research and planning.
  • Online Media Research – Typically, we do not rely on simple ad network buys as the cornerstone of our online media plans. Instead, we try to balance a plan with buys that might combine ad networks, web portals, content sites and niche audience sites, as we prefer the most transparent forms of advertising In order to find the sites which are most appropriate for your specific audience and objectives, conducting the Online Media Research phase is crucial to a successful campaign.
  • Media Negotiations – We’re best at getting the best placements and pricing for our clients. For our direct response advertising clients we use our proprietary ROI Calculator to help determine a budget for a site or particular placement based on factors other than just costs.
  • Presenting the Online Media Plan – We carefully formulate our Online Media Plan which includes information about the site/network, its audience, any targeting imposed, placement sizes/ad opportunities, impressions purchased, and projected visitor counts.

Execution Phases:

  • Securing the Buy – Once we have approval of our Online Media Plan, we secure the buy for the client with the network or site publisher.
  • Delivering Ad Specifications – If the client or another of its agents is responsible for development of the ad creative, we will deliver an ad specifications spreadsheet so creative development can be finalized.
  • Ad Trafficking & Tracking – Upon receiving the finalized ad creative, we establishes corresponding ad tracking URLs and send both pieces to the publisher and/or set up the ad campaign in the company’s own ad serving system for campaign tracking and optimization. We can also provide ad creative split testing to ensure optimal performance.
  • Campaign Optimization – We will manually review the ad campaign daily and apply any necessary optimization techniques including shifting ad impressions, discontinuing placements or buys, and/or swapping out ad creative.
  • Reporting & Analysis – We will provide online access to a reporting & analysis dashboard where the client can monitor the campaign any time of day or night.

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