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Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel Marketing

A successful marketing strategy includes a mix of tactics that is unique to each brand and each industry. Integrating your campaign across a series of digital channels (when done correctly) will increase your results and maximize your marketing budget.

Multi-channel Marketing is simply an innovative way to get your message across using more than one medium to improve ROI, increase visibility and engage your audience smartly. Implementing your message smartly across a network of channels is not intuitive, this is where Much Marketing and our experienced team comes in.

Our team uses a strategic and systemic approach to engage your audience across multiple channels.


  • Affiliate Marketing – We believe strongly in the power of performance-driven marketing platforms. When success is measured directly in performance, you only spend money when you get results. We will help you set up and train your affiliate marketing teams, we’ll guide you in the recruitment process to acquire new staff (when applicable), and we’ll help you select and implement the relevant technology to create a fine-tuned highly effective marketing machine.
  • Media Buying – Building an online brand presence is a process that requires patience and a thinking in the “long-term” approach. We know that creating the perfect marketing mix and building a professional and highly valuable media team is the recipe for success. Our expert team will help you construct that for the specific needs of your company in order to show you how to independently generate quality traffic.
  • SEM-SEO/PPC – It is a known fact that search engines are an essential channel for bringing traffic and prospective clients to your doorstep. Much Marketing will help you both create and maintain an online presence that consistently converts traffic into revenues by correctly balancing organic optimization and sponsored links.
  • Direct Marketing – Direct marketing (i.e., email or telemarketing) is one of the most effective channels of communication as it deals with reaching the customer directly. We’ll work together with you to plan, execute and manage your entire direct marketing campaign to ensure that your message is catered to the right audience, 100% of the time.
  • Content Marketing – Content is indeed “King”. We’ll help you create an entire content strategy starting with development through to optimization. We’ll first help you develop and strategize your content campaigns (e.g., text, video, social, etc). Next, we’ll help you manage and supervise all of your content to help you directly generate leads (another useful performance-driven model) and engage your customers to find out what they want, when they want it! With our platform, we’ll provide you with good content and content strategies which will directly reduce your direct marketing costs while maximizing all channels on a single, easy-to-manage interface.

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