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Why Social Media Helps Your B2B Lead Generation Efforts


Integrating Social Media into your Inbound Marketing efforts can really have a positive effect on improving your B2B lead generating efforts.
Here are some reasons why:
  1. Increases the amount of SEO friendly content

    you have out there on the web. Search engines love content and the more quality content you publish, the more the trust you have with them.

  2. Generates more inbound links.

    By promoting your great content on SM platforms it helps to increase the number of people that will pass on / promote your content and in doing so link to your site where it is hosted.

  3. Increases the number of listings in the SERPS.

    Most of the Social Media platforms now have their content indexed in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s). This means more chances for you to own the first page of results for more keywords / phrases.

  4. Improves the quality of your website traffic

    . You spend a lot of time and resources on creating conversations with the right kind of audiences on Social Media. This means that when you promote your remarkable content, it sends relevant, high quality visitors (potential sales leads) to your site.

  5. Helps to recruit Brand Advocates.

    By building up relationships with people on Social Media, by helping out whenever you can, by passing on remarkable content that informs, educates, helps or just entertains you build up people who will speak highly of your company, brand, products or services. This will build up word of mouth marketing and have a positive effect on the number of potential sales leads you get.

  6. Builds Brand credibility and reputation.

    Over time by integrating your Social Media efforts into your lead generation activities you will build up credibility. When a potential sales lead is deciding who to do business with then this credibility or reputation will put you in the running

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